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Signage is something that no company can do without and signage in Nelspruit is increasing the reach that a business has. Signage consists of images and messages that are used to communicate a message to those who see it. The signs placed outside of a business indicting where a business is forms a part of signage as do banners, billboards, street signs and even digital display signs. Any sign used to convey information will form a part of signage.

Fabricated LED SIGN-38-600-450-80


Brief history

Signage in Nelspruit has the same origins of signage around the world. The origins of signage are firmly placed in Britain, France, Italy and Egypt.  Signs have always been used to communicate and in the earliest of times signs were used to indicate to people where places to drink, eat or to sleep were. Many people were not literate so signs became the best way in which to communicate. Traders would often use signage to communicate the trade that they were working in, this was especially important in towns where there were many people practicing the same trade. Later on to distinguish families from one another images would be used to represent their family names.

Signage types of used in Britain were considered a hazard as they hung very low and often they were found in narrow walkways where people would easily bump their heads. In the middle of the 1660’s a law was passed in Britain which prevented people from hanging these dangerous signs too low. By the time the 1700’s came by, laws had been passed that ordered those with signs to hang them flat against the wall of their institution. This gave rise to the signage that we know today. You will very rarely see signage hanging towards the ground these days, most signs that are used today are placed flat against a wall.

Modern signage

Signs are now found everywhere, from hospitals to businesses and some homes still have a sign hanging up outside of their gate as a symbol for their family name or something representing the family. The most common form of signage for a business consists of a logo representing a business along with a contact number and even a website address. Signage is not only used to indicate where a business is, signage is also widely used to simply advertise a business and to provide people with the information needed to contact the institution. People will see hundreds, if not thousands of signs during the average day, depending on where they live. Signs will help them to determine where they can get a certain service, where they can medical assistance or where they can find accommodation. As people will see so many signs during a day only the most memorable of signs will remain in their mind, so your signage must be unique and stand out from the rest.

Modern signs make use of symbols as well as words to communicate a message, for example an ink providing company might display a bottle of ink along with their contact details. Signs are not just limited to companies trying to sell something they are also relevant when it comes to street signs and warning signs, making use of images rather than words.

Signage has been taken to the next level with LED lights used to improve the visibility of the sign and make it easier to read. These types of signs are often used outside of shop. Billboards are traditionally lit up making them visible at night. Signs can be created in any language and they can be highly creative. Signs can be cut out in the shape of the product that you are selling which increases your visibility.

Signage Facts


Quick facts about signage

1.It has been determined that around 91% of people will notice signs

2.Signs will join the ranks of your other advertising methods and they will work for you 24 hours a day, all year round.

3.Many people are known to judge a business based on the quality and type of sign that is placed outside a company.

4.A sign that is correctly created and that is eye catching will improve impulse buying and increase the amount of sales that you will have.

5.Regardless of the quality of products that you sell and regardless of the service that you deliver, sometimes a business without a sign will go out of business simply because no one knew that they were providing the service.

6.You only have to pay for a sign once, unless you want to change your sign somewhere down the line. This means that your sign will cost you less than your other advertising types and it will draw customers to your business because of its unique qualities.

Your signage in Nelspruit is going to be a representation of your business so it would make sense that the sign would have to be a continuation of your branding. Your vehicle wrapping and your signage will form a part of your branding and uniformity is necessary in order to make the branding work effectively. Signage in Nelspruit is going to enable you to attract new customers especially if your sign is seen often. The more often a sign is seen the better it is for your business as it will be a constant reminder that your business is open and providing a service.

Signs for a small business

For a small business or a newly created business having decent signage is a must as it is going to increase the curiosity levels of people and encourage them to visit your shop. Good signage will also give people the directions to your shop so they will know where to find you even if you are situated in a small area where people do not generally go. The sign will also be a representation of the quality of your business, if your sign is shoddy and untidy then you will possibly have less people visiting your shop as their first impression will not be a good one.

At Sign Art providing top quality signage in Nelspruit is more than a business product, it is an art form that we take great pride in providing for our customers. For high quality vehicle branding in Nelspruit and signage in Nelspruit, Sign Art has become the go to company.  

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