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Having company vehicle branding (wrapping) to advertise your business is the ideal way to get your company name out there. Wherever your wrapped vehicle goes so will your company’s branding giving you a fantastic amount of exposure and increasing the reach of your business. Vehicle branding is advancing and these days the signage used for vehicle branding has become more than a piece of advertising, it has turned into a form of art. Vehicle branding essentially turns your vehicle into a mobile billboard.

Vehicle Branding


Any and all types of vehicles can be wrapped in signage to represent a business. This gives all types of companies the opportunity to take advantage of vehicle branding. Vehicle wrapping for advertising purposes became very popular in the 21st century when other forms of advertising also took off. Vehicle signage is suitable for flat surfaces as well as surfaces that are a bit curved.

The benefits of vehicle branding

The benefits of vehicle branding go beyond advertising. Vehicle wraps give an added amount of protection to your vehicle. While your car is protected by the paint that covers it, by wrapping your vehicle in vehicle branding you are giving your vehicle an extra amount of protection. The materials used to wrap vehicles are known to be made from incredibly strong materials that are able to increase the amount of protection that your car or other vehicle type has.

1. Vehicle signage can grab attention

When using a brightly coloured vehicle wrap with an interesting design you will grab attention quickly and your brand will start engaging with the public who could later be converted into paying clients. Naturally people will have their eyes gravitate towards the signage.

2. Increase your audience reach

Having a car wrapped with vehicle signage will increase the reach that your brand and your company will have to a variety of audiences. You will not be limited by the demographics that your usual advertising is subjected to. This will allow you to reach people who you would not normally direct your advertising towards. Some companies have even been known to gain more paying customers from their wrapped vehicle advertising than from their websites.

3. Non-aggressive advertising

This form of advertising is not as bold and as in your face that other forms of advertising have the tendency to sometimes be. While the wrap is eye catching it is not so eye catching that it becomes a dangerous distraction. The advertising is easy on the eye and it is also able to get the message across quickly so you find out what you need to know.

4. Increased reach in your local area

Your vehicle advertising is more likely to be seen by your local community. Your vehicle signage will be reaching those in your local are who might be in need of your services but did not know that your company provided the services which they needed.

5. Added protection

As the materials used for the vehicle wrapping are highly durable and made to be strong, your vehicles are essentially being given an extra layer of protection. The vehicle is less likely to be scratched or suffer from the effects of stones that are flicked up from the road and hit your car. The paint will be so well protected that if you should choose to remove the vehicle wrapping one day, the paint beneath the wrapping will still be in a good condition.

6. Change the colour of the vehicle

You will be able to change the colour of your vehicle when you use vehicle signage. For instance if your company’s colours are red and black you can change the colour of your white fleet of cars to these colours so that they are uniform as well as unique. This is a great way to keep your branding in the public’s eye.

7. Vehicle wrapping is worth the money

Most forms of advertising will require you to pay out a fee once a month or even once a week to ensure that the advertising is kept in the public eye. Vehicle wrapping is completely different as you will have more control over the costs revolving around the advertising. You can change the advertising as often as you like or you can leave it the same. You do not have to pay any additional costs each month, the amount that you pay the first time is the only amount that you will pay unless you want to change your vehicle wrapping down the road.

Vehicle Branding leaders in Nelspruit - Sign Art

Facts about vehicle wrapping

  • Research has shown that car wraps that are used for advertising have the ability of reaching up to 70 000 people per day.
  • Vehicle wrapping has the ability to protect a car and many times when wrapping has been removed the paint beneath the wrapping is in the same condition that it was on the day that the car was wrapped.
  • Very little to no maintenance for the vehicle branding is needed once a car has been wrapped. Giving the car regular washes, as you would do anyway, is enough to keep the car looking good.
  • Wrapping of windows is possible and clear vinyl is used to wrap windows.
  • Changes in company details is not an issue as the old wrap can be safely peeled off and a wrap with the updated information can be added.
  • You will be advertising for a long as your car is on the move, regardless of the time of day or year.

Professional companies that want to take their business to the next level will usually use vehicle signage in Nelspruit as it will not only give your company cars a uniform look which will be easily recognisable but it will increase your reach and introduce your brand to those who have never heard of you before. You should always use a professional and reputable vehicle branding company when you are thinking about wrapping your company cars. Sign Art is a trusted company specialising in vehicle signage in Nelspruit. We have worked with a number of big companies as well as government departments and the police. 

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Posted by on in Vehicle Branding

Conventional advertising has lost a lot of ground as billboards had monthly costs attached to it, getting permission from municipalities a drawn out process and other types of advertising lost their effectiveness. 

Vehicle wrapping and branding became a solution as a mobile outdoor way of exposing your brands or product.  As the vehicles keeps moving your advertising message/brand are kept constantly in the public eye.  The more your vehicles are moving the higher the impact as it reaches thousands of people annually.  Your brand stays fresh and effective and will never reaches a dead-end because your consumers seeing it, changes with each mile your branded or fully wrap vehicles moves.  It is cost effective as you pay for branding or fully wrap of your vehicle once and it is long-lasting which means huge savings in your advertising costs and are a fantastic marketing tool for your brand.

It means that your car will be partially or wrapped with the printed vinyl. The design on the vinyl will be bold and vibrant artwork that will enhance your company’s brand and will catch the eye quickly. The design of the vehicle wrap is printed on vinyl and that is applied to the car.  It will not damage the paintwork of your car and even protects it against stone, small chips and sun damage. As your advertising campaign end the vinyl can be easily removed.  The vinyl is strong and the vehicle wrap can last years.

Wrapping and branding of vehicles to advertise your business and brand is the way to go in a cash strap economy where advertising budgets are always the first to be cut.  It is also know as a form of mobile advertising.



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Posted by on in Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding is a high-impact and cost effective way of promoting your brand, product or service and reach thousands of people every month.

Vehicle branding offers unsurpassed low cost advertising to any company. Company vehicles that are on the road for a large part of the day, offer a valuable opportunity to generate awareness about your brand or product, at the same time creating a positive image for your company. Every second spent on the road by one of your company vehicles is quality marketing time!

No doubt lots of people have tried themselves to apply a sign or numbers to a vehicle only to end up with trapped air bubbles and crooked results.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, let the professionals at Sign Art in Nelspruit transform your vehicle. We convert a simple creative idea or concept into an artwork by using the latest technology and high quality materials. We are able to wrap an entire vehicle and have a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from. The vehicle wrap not only give your car a completely new look, but also protects the car because it acts as a shield and guards against chips, abrasions and weathering! It is also removable if you want to revert back to the original. The graphic designers at Signart in Nelspruit is able to conceptualise a brand new design or use an existing design for your vehicle branding.

Take advantage of this free advertising space on your company vehicles and let us put your brand on the road.

For those who do not want to go all the way with a full vehicle wrap, we offer a Computerised Vinyl Cut-Out Service. It is our most popular product. We only use a 5-7 year avery vinyl which can be applied to Vehicles, Chromadeck Metal Boards, ABS Plastic, Perspex in various thickness and Correx, etc... There is a wide range of colours to choose from. This is a very cost effective way, as the lettering and designs are individually cut and applied.


Vehicle Branding Nelspruit

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